Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wood flooring paradise

New house feels amazing! As you are designing it, you can make every detail of it unique. House is not only a place we live in, it gives us a chance to express our personality and taste. What makes you really feel at home is cozy rooms, but a room can’t be comfortable without suited flooring. Choice is wide and diverse, but this particular article will focus on wood flooring in New Zealand. New Zealand is a special place for wood. You can find colossal number of trees that grow just in NZ. Let’s mention some of them:

1. Matai – this tree is endemic to NZ. Even though it is an uncommon tree, its timber has been used as a flooring material since mid-20th century. Matai tree is also distinctive because of its trunk’s blue-purplish color, which looks beautiful on flooring. Matai heartwood is lighter, usually it varies from golden to deep red-brown color.

2. Tawa – this tree is common in central parts of the country. In spite of this fact, it is protected in some areas and companies need licenses to cute them down. Because of its strong trunk, Tawa tree is an excellent material for furniture and flooring. Tawa flooring is usually really light, almost beige in color. As it takes a long time for it grow, things made with it are usually more expensive than other wood floorings in New Zealand.

3. Radiata pine – one of the best timbers to work with. Apart from flooring, it is used in fencing, decking, construction… Radiata pine tree is fast growing, unlike Tawa, so it’s commonly used in many ways.

4. Eucalypts – this tree is really famous for its wide range of applications, especially in medicine. It has several species and one of them, in particular the blue gum group, is commonly used in flooring. Blue gum timber parquet gives you nice pinkish color.

You will find all kinds of Wood flooring in NZ. Wooden floor markets are getting bigger and bigger for reason. First of all, they wood flooring is one of the most comfortable flooring for any rooms in a house. Secondly, it can be customized according to your personal taste. Moreover, it always looks pretty and will never go out of style.

Wood Flooring's are mostly one of these three types:

1.Plank – when floor is made from straight-grained pieces of timber. It looks natural with any kind of style and will mix well with most colors.

2.Parquet – this type of flooring is when wooden blocks are arranged so that it makes some kind of a pattern. You can get creative with this type of flooring and make your flooring one of a kind.

3.Strip – strip flooring can be done with one or three strips of wood. Three strip flooring will look as if it’s a laminate, whereas one strip flooring will give you a natural, solid floor.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Wooden flooring - bring a style to your house

Nothing can be more beautiful than wooden floor in your house. It gives your apartment classy, cozy and luxury look. Easy to take care and stylish for every decor, here are very useful details about wooden flooring in Auckland.


There are two main types of wooden floors: Solid and Engineered. Both of them look fantastic and classy, but there are some differences you should know.

Solid wooden floor is what you first imagine about wooden flooring: big pieces of wood from top to bottom. Solid wooden floors can be used in every room, including kitchen and bedrooms. The only place we do not recommend you using solid wooden flooring is a basement.

Engineered wooden floors are floors created with manufactured woods. Generally engineered wooden floors have several layers. Some of the layers can’t be seen as they are designed to make floor stable. Different layers can be created from different wood species.

You can choose from almost 50 species of woods available for wooden flooring in Auckland. You decision will depend on style, color, price another factors.


Yes, wooden floors are beautiful and classy but you should also consider that you should take care of your floor. If you are retired couple of live alone is will be easier to take care of your wooden floor. If you have children and a big family choose more resistant wood species. The Janka scale measures how easily wood will dent. For instance, Rosewood rank according to Janka Scale is 1780 ibf, while Ironwood has hardness of 3,260 lbf. It means Ironwood will be more resistant to scratches and will not dent easily.


All king of wooden floors must be finished. If you choose site-finished type your floor will be finished in the room it is installed. Big advantage of site-finished floor is that you can choose the type of finish applied to the floor. However, process of finishing is very noise and time consuming. Take this factors into consideration before making a decision. If you have children living in a house where floor is finished can be very stressful and hard to handle.

With factory-finished wooden floors finish is applied in a factory, long time before you purchase them. That means you don’t have to spend time and money finishing the floor.

Some people prefer glowing finish and some prefer matte finishes. Generally, there are three types of finish: glossy, semi glossy and matte. Choosing finish is just a matter of preference and nothing more.
Before making decision do a proper research about food flooring in Auckland. Choose the specie of wood suitable for you needs. Pay attention to its ranking in Janka scale and its color. Light wooden floors are hard to keep fresh and good looking thank darker tones.  Find several companies in your area that do the job, compare prices and time they require to do the job and only after that make the final decision.

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