Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The primary features of laminate floors.

When you are thinking about flooring your house especially your kitchen, on a limited budget, laminate floors will be an excellent choice for an upgrade from vinyl sheet flooring.Laminate flooring can also be referred to as floating wood, and it consists of two thin sheets of paper that are impregnated with melamine.Laminate floors appear just like the real wood or real stone, but it's just a photo of wood grain that is covered by a very hard protective transparent layer that is relatively resistant to damages made by chairs or any other sharp objects in the house.Laminate flooring Auckland has gain popularity over the years and this is mainly because it offers the look and touch of hardwood floor at a relatively cheaper cost.In comparison with other flooring techniques, laminate flooring in Auckland will cost you less than 1.5$ per square feet and will require less skill to install.Thanks to the interlocking planks the floors can be installed by an armature and can be removed without damaging the laminate or the floor. Below is a list of the main features of laminate floors:

1. Micro-scratch protection

A laminate floor comes with an extra durable, and a tough surface that offers a scratch-resistant layer that comes in handy in ensuring the floor does not get spoilt through heavy daily use.Micro-scratch protection will offer you the protection from daily wear and tear.It also makes daily cleaning of the surface to be very easy with just a dust mop or a mop soaked in water.

2.Antibacterial coating

It's essential to ensure that your floor always stays clean and free from bacteria all the time.Both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial flooring are needed in hospitals, retirement homes and regular homes especially in the kitchen areas.A truly seamless floor when laid down, over the years, pinholes may start to appear in the flooring which cultivates the growth of bacteria and mild spores.Thankfully, laminate floor incorporates the use of a technology that prevents those pinholes from forming, and therefore there is no any mold spores or bacteria that can intrude under the flooring.Together will a regular cleaning of the floors, this will create a good and healthy environment for you and your family.

3.Stain resistant

Laminate floors are stain-resistant floors as they are formulated to withstand any discoloration that occurs when the floor surface comes in contact with liquids or any other materials.This type of floor is abrasion resilient, robust and through some tests, it has proven to be the most resistant type of floorings available on the market.

4.Endless beauty

Synthetic flooring has become trendy now and the realistic appearance of it can be achieved by laminate flooring which brings both a traditional and modern touch of beauty.The endless appearance is made by a seamless design of structure from one panel to the other which gives a room an "endless" beauty.

Today, Laminate Flooring in Auckland has also risen in popularity due toits wide variety in the market.There are different laminate floors to choose from as well as different shapes, thickness, and installation locking.Laminate floors can also be installed at different grade levels that would suit your budget and it's, therefore, a good idea to try them out.