Thursday, 22 February 2018

Wooden flooring Auckland

Imagine cottage standing in the middle of nowhere, in the woods. It is snowing outside and cottage is warm and cozy. Do you know why it feels so comfortable? Maybe because of several factors, but one for sure – flooring, to be exact – wooden flooring. Nothing can make you feel at home just as proper flooring. Fortunately, Auckland is one of the centers of manufacturing and importing timber for wooden flooring's in Auckland. So, if you want to give your house the most comfortable touch, read this article carefully. We will be talking about types of wooden flooring in Auckland and its pros and cons.

Wooden flooring comes in so many shapes, cuts and materials that it might be confusing to choose the best alternative for you. Before you go too much into its installation, cost, pros and cons, it is helpful to go through the types of it.

1. Solid hardwood – this type comes with wooden planks made of hardwood. Hardwood includes several species of wood, so depending on the timber, your floor will be more or less durable, strong and cleanable. Usually, hardwood flooring's are less likely to scratch and wear compared to other types of flooring's. It is easy to install, but should be done with great care, so that it last long. It looks natural and varies in surface smoothness, too. Solid hardwood is not appropriate for moist, water will make it swell and lose its shape.

2. Engineered hardwood – this hardwood flooring is made with several layers of planks glued together. It is more resistant to humidity and climate than solid hardwood. Cost, of course, varies depending on the material it is made of, but usually it costs less than solid hardwood.

3. Laminate – we may also consider this one wooden flooring, however, it is not exactly made of wood. Let us explain. Laminate flooring is made by compressing many layers of fiberboard and after, placing a print of wood grain. Of course, protective coating is added after the print, but still, laminate is nowhere as durable as real wood flooring. It is easily damaged with water. But, if you are looking for a budget friendly version of wooden-like flooring, with many styles and designs, this might be a good one for you.

These are three major types of Wooden Flooring Auckland. Do not think that they are the only ones, there are other types, too. So, before you choose one of these, do a little research, which won’t take much time. we could have divided wooden flooring's by color types, installation types and many more, but this classification should be the most useful.

Now, let’s take a look at pros and cons of wooden flooring's:

1. Pros: natural, authentic look; diversity in styles and designs; suitable for any style; long-lasting; low maintenance; easy to clean; can be sanded and refinished; non-allergic.

2. Cons: not resistant to moisture and humidity; not suitable for every room; can be hard to install; some of them scratch easily; noisy.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Timber flooring Auckland New Zealand

Guess what is attractive, fits every style and has amazing qualities? Timber flooring, or course. Wooden flooring is acknowledged to be the most popular among customers, what is not surprising considering all its great features. For the same reason, it is highly demanded on the market. Timber flooring can give any room finished, warm and generally speaking, the right touch. With all of these pros, there are some more, we have not mentioned yet. First, it’s ecologically sound, providing that the company selling it has license for cutting the wood. Second, it is always stylish. Are you looking for modern looking flooring? Timber flooring is an alternative for you. Are you more into cottage style? Timber flooring is still an alternative for you. In addition, it come in so many colors, shapes and cuts that there is no way you will not be able to find what’s best for you. Fortunately, there are many locally growing trees for timber flooring in New Zealand, so it won’t be a problem for you to get your favorite kind of flooring on the local market.

What are some options that you have for timber flooring in New Zealand? Choice is wide. You can find absolutely everything from white to black, from beige to brown. Timber flooring are made of different materials. Let’s take a look on some of the most commonly used ones:

1. Regal oak – this one is not like any other timber, because of its wide range in color. It can vary from grey to dark brown. Mostly it has matte look, which gives colors smoked touch.

2. Project oak – this warm colored, classic piece of wood can add some value to your house. It offers the authentic visual appeal.

3. Sienna oak – this type of timber flooring comes with wide and long planks, which will give your room natural look. This material is water resistant, so it can be used in places like basement and outdoors. As for its color, it has a warm grey-brown color with lighter edges. Can be easily cleaned.

4. Charred oak – flooring made with this material will look best with more modern and urban environment, as it has dark, almost black color. Some charred Oak flooring Auckland are made specially for interior flooring.

5. Jarrah – this flooring is made of Australian Eucalyptus tree. Usually it’s molded from real timber for its best appearance. It has brown-reddish color, which always feels warm and fitting. This material also has the highest anti-slip rating. If you are looking for an alternative flooring around a pool, this might be the best choice.

If you want to buy something really special for your home, think about tress that grow just in New Zealand: Matai, Tawa, NZ white oak… the thing is, NZ native timbers are hard to find and small in amount to manufacture. good thing is that you can also buy material for flooring from all around the world, thanks to international trade.

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Laminate flooring Auckland

Wood flooring as the most trade able product on the market. This is because it has so many applications and pros. Wood flooring comes in many cuts and types, one of them is laminate flooring. Before we go to the main topic of this article, which will be laminate flooring in Auckland, first of all, let’s see what is laminate flooring at all? Lamination process simply means mixing two or more types of timber and fusing them together. That is why laminate flooring has so many designs, colors and layouts, which sometimes makes it harder for you to choose, which one will fit you the best. We are here to help you.

New Zealand, generally, is a great place to look for the flooring, because it’s so rich with its flora. Some floorings are made of native tree timbers and some are imported from other countries. For laminate floorings in Auckland sky is the limit. Let’s take a look on some differences between laminate floorings, so that it is easier for you to choose:
  • Surface: if you want to pick based on the visuals, you need to read this part carefully. Laminate floorings differ in surface types, or we could just say, on how they look. The most common style is smooth look. This type has a finished, polished look and it looks like plain hardwood flooring. Gloss levels also differ, so you can choose between high, medium and low. The other type is textured surface. As the name suggests itself, this one comes with different textures, which will look like a printed surface. One more type you might possibly be interested in is embossed surface, which will match the grain of the wood perfectly and give an authentic look. Always keep your eyes on innovations, because with the advanced technology, they are happening every day.
  • Installation: usually, laminate floorings are easy and fast to install, but there are some slight differences between them. One option for you is glued laminate. What you need to do is just glue it together, which will result in strong flooring. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, glue less-click one is for you. This one is the easiest to install. Though it does not come out as strong as glued flooring, it is faster and cheaper. Nowadays, most of laminate floorings fall into this installation category. Last, but not the least, you might like pre-glued installation type.
Laminate flooring Auckland, as we have already said, are made of different materials, which makes every one of them unique. Some are more resistant, some easier to clean. Difference can also be found in AC rating. Be careful with installing them in places, where it’s dump. Some laminate floorings are not waterproof. One more thing you must consider is how loud they are. This feature really depends on the material. You don’t want your floor being really noisy, especially on the upper floors. Choose wisely!

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